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Berardi's Point of Sale Materials
Berardi's Table Tents 
Table tents allow for promotion of your menu items to customers while they are at the table. 
Berardi's Fresh Roast Coffee, Harvest Tea, Lattes, and Cappuccinos.
Berardi's Logo Sign 
Berardi's Fresh Roast. 4' Wide
Berardi's Coffee Description Cards 
Available laminated or non-laminated.

Torani and Monin offer a variety of advertising posters promoting their quality syrups for cream sodas, cappuccinos, espressos and much more!

Table Tents
Monin Table Tents
Monin Syrups, Teas, Lemonades, Etc.
Oregon Chai™ Table Tents 
Inform your customer about Oregon Chai, an unexpected alternative to tea, sodas or juice.
Torani Table Tents 
Torani Syrups, Mixed Drinks, Etc.

Please Note
Berardi's provides a wide range of point of sale materials to aid you in your sales efforts. Seasonal items available. 
Please contact us for information on current items.