Interested in Fundraising?
The following is all you need to participate in Berardi’s fundraising program. We think you will find the process
simple and profitable. 

Here is how it works:
For every coffee item you sell for $10, you get to keep $5. For example; if your group collectively sells 100
bags of coffee you have easily made $500! Its that simple!

As the organizer, here is all you need to do:
1. Set a time frame for your program with a start and finish date. We recommend a 2 to 4 week period.
2. Set a sales goal. This is up to you. But remember, coffee is an easy sale, as many people drink coffee
and it is a consumable item.
3. If you would like your team/organization’s logo on the coffee packaging, please send a digital copy of the
logo to [email protected] or upload your file on the Contact Page and submit. 
By sending us the logo you are acknowledging that you are licensed to use the logo.
4. Please write on each order form to whom checks should be made out, as well as the sale dates.
5. Distribute order forms along with seller information sheets to each participant.
6. Collect order forms at the end of the sale period and transfer the information onto the enclosed summary
order form. Please be sure to keep the individual order forms for reference when distributing.
7. Mail us your order along with a check for the amount due in the enclosed envelope. You may also fax
your order to us at (440) 582-4359. Please call us at (800) 876-9109 to confirm receipt. You can also pay
by credit card over the phone.
8. Your order will be shipped to you by UPS within one week.
9. Distribute product to sellers for delivery to their customers. At this point you will want to return the
seller’s order form to them so they can deliver fresh gourmet coffee to their supporters!
Thank you for considering Berardi’s Coffee for your fundraising. 
If you have any questions, please call us at (440) 582-4303.

Click Here to download the complete fundraiser packet!