Blueberry DaVinci 750ml

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Succulent ripe blueberries flavor this deliciously fruity syrup from DaVinci Gourmet. We make our Classic Blueberry syrup with only the highest-quality ingredients for incomparable flavor. Our deep blue-red syrup contains real blueberry juice and is naturally flavored to impart authentic blueberry taste and color to a range of beverages. Cane sugar highlights the sweet blueberry flavor without overpowering. We specially formulate our Classic syrups to mix easily into hot and cold beverages and to resist curdling dairy. Try our Classic Blueberry syrup in a variety of beverage and culinary applications. Drizzle our blueberry syrup on ice cream for a fruity complement to vanilla, chocolate or other fruit flavors. Or invent signature beverages and combine syrups from our wide selection of Classic, Naturals and Fruit Innovations products for unique custom flavors. Our Classic Blueberry syrup is Kosher-Pareve certified.

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