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Sales Support

Berardi's Point of Sale Materials

Berardi's Table Tents
Table tents allow for promotion of your menu items to customers while they are at the table.
Berardi's Fresh Roast Coffee, Harvest Tea, Lattes, and Cappuccinos.

Berardi's Logo Sign
Berardi's Fresh Roast. 4' Wide

Berardi's Tea Coasters
Tea Coasters. 31/2 Diameter. Place over teas while steeping. Item Number: 10174

Berardi's Coffee Description Cards
Available laminated or non-laminated.

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Patio Umbrellas
Minimum Order: 1 Unit
Let your customers enjoy their refreshing coffee, cappuccinos, espressos or granitas in shaded comfort under these brightly colored patio umbrellas.

Item Number Description
750-8000 Monin Patio Umbrella

Torani Patio Umbrella (not shown)

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Torani and Monin offer a variety of advertising posters promoting their quality syrups for cream sodas, cappuccinos, espressos and granitas.

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Table Tents
Monin Table Tents
Monin Syrup, Tea and Granitas.

Oregon Chai™ Table Tents
Inform your customer about Oregon Chai, an unexpected alternative to tea, sodas or juice.

Torani Table Tents
Torani Syrup.

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Please Note
Berardi's provides a wide range of point of sale materials to aid you in your sales efforts. Seasonal items available. Please contact one of our sales associates for information on current items.

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Berardi's School of Coffee

Berardi's began as a love story --the love of coffee. That love has grown along with the business. We're a pure specialty roaster with a unique style and a passion for freshness. To maintain our high standards and reputation, we search worldwide for the best beans available. We protect the quality of those beans by custom-roasting daily and shipping in smaller quantities, despite a menu that includes over 75 regional coffees and over 75 flavored coffees. We also sell coffee-making equipment and accessories, and a wide variety of teas, cocoas and flavoring syrups.

By starting as a retail business ourselves, and then evolving into a roaster, we have a unique perspective into the needs of our customers. That's why we've started Berardi's School of Coffee. We know what obstacles you face. We faced them too. And what we learned can help us both. The more you succeed, the more we succeed. Berardi's School of Coffee offers the following courses:

In addition to the regularly held classes, Berardi's School of Coffee offers on site Coffeehouse Audits and Consulting Services.

For more information on Berardi's School of Coffee, or to discuss an investment in yourself or your company, please call 1-800-876-9109.

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Video Tapes
Minimum Order: 1 unit

An Evening with the Experts
An informative discussion about coffee. Presented by people who really know coffee.

The Art of Coffee
A consumer's home video guide to specialty coffee and espresso. Professionals who have trained thousands of specialty coffee bar employees teach you the secrets of choosing and preparing great coffees and espressos at home.

Caffe Latte Art
An instructional video for the espresso professional. David C. Schomer, owner of Seattle's Espresso Vivance, instructs and informs you on milk texturing and presentation including the Rosetta Latte.

Espresso 101
A complete video course in coffee and espresso. Ideal for those who want coffeehouse quality coffee and espressos at home.

Espresso 501
An advanced video course in coffee and espresso. Ideal for the coffee professional.

Spilling the Beans
Information about the business of espresso and specialty coffee.

Item Number Description
11605 An Evening with the Experts
11603 The Art of Coffee
11602 Caffe Latte Art
11600 Espresso 101
11606 Espresso 501
11601 Spilling the Beans

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